Our Solutions


1, 2, 4, 7 Microphone array

Mic array module and algorithm software for AEC, NR, ABF, AGC, PEQ. World class voice processing performance.


Android & Linux system

Streaming app and embedded software based on Linux or Android.
Alexa/Spotify certification ready.


Multiple VUI

Make streaming and service integration easier. Partner with Amazon for pre-test and verification in Shenzhen, China.


App suite & SDK

Streaming app and embedded software, both iOS and Android version. Help clients to interface with Pandora/Spotify.



Total solution with IP, software and hardware. One-stop solution for product mass production within 2 months.


Smart home application

Designed for mass manufactory.
Smart home kits including companion skills as well.

Supported Voice Assistants

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is an intelligent and scalable cloud service that adds voice-enabled experiences to any connected product – all you need is a microphone and speaker.


AliGenie 将阿里巴巴的底层技术、算法引擎、云端服务和软硬件标准系统进行输出,赋能开发者,为开发者带去更多可能。

拥有海量数据,能通过自然语言完成对硬件的操作与对话交流, 为用户提供完整的服务链条。作为一款开放式的操作系统, DuerOS通过云端大脑时刻进行自动学习让机器具备人类的语言能力。

Our Partners


Powerd by Sugr Sense™

Sugr Cube

Push-to-talk Speaker

DOSS Assistant

Alexa voice-enabled Speaker

Sugr Candy Box

Alexa voice-enabled Speaker


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Q & A

Sugr Sense™ is a hardware & software combined AI Voice Service solution for audio streaming products.  

First, please contact us by sending email to hello@sugrsugr.com.  

There’re a series of standards, including many sections, like functions, music, far field, etc..  A product qualified by Amazon need to fulfill all.  

Please contact us by sending email to hello@sugrsugr.com for more information.