Sugr Sense
We support audio brands & OEM/ODM partners for easily integration with AI services and IoT applications.
Sugr Technology presents a series of turnkey solutions, named Sugr Sense™.
With Sugr Sense™, clients can achieve fast moves to market with competitive costs.
Our series of solutions can accelerate the processes of prototyping & manufacturing greatly,and assist clients to lead the future competition.

Sugr Sense T

Qualified by Amazon

Amazon AVS PTT形式官方认证

Sugr Cube, Minimalist Smart Speaker.
Classic Apperence, Solid Wood, Motion Control, Push to talk.
Using Sugr Sense T, upgraded with Alexa inside and qualified by Amazon in Dec 2016.

Double tap to active alexa

Sugr Sense X1

The first DMIC Hands free AVS solution qualified by Amazon Alexa

全球首个且唯一的单个DMIC Hands free AVS认证方案

Sugr Sense I1

Sugr Sense A

Far Field solution qualified by Amazon Alexa

获得Amazon AVS远场语音唤醒产品认证

Sugr Sense R1

Sugr Sense B

Sugr Sense F

More Solutions

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